Pokemon FireRed Version


It’s another popular game featured on our old website we forgot about, so we taught it will be nice to share it despite it’s age. And of course it’s also developed by amazing Game Freak. Also if you haven’t already you should check our post about older popular games.

Pokemon FireRed Version Description

Back in 1998, Pokémon Red and Blue were big hits. Now in 2004, these classics have returned in a more modern form. FireRed and LeafGreen brings back the original storyline with GBA-style graphics, remixed music, and Ruby and Sapphire’s 2 on 2 battles. This remake also introduces the Sevii Islands, which you will have to traverse in your quest. In addition, players have the opportunity to capture all 380 non-rare pokémon by trading with Ruby, Sapphire, and Colosseum, and can also battle their FR/LG parties on Colosseum, just like Ruby and Sapphire.

Cheats, Tips And Unlockables


A stronger Elite Four – After you beat the Elite Four the first time, they will become unavailable until you help out Lorlei on Four Island. Once you’ve done so, all of the Elite Four’s pokémon will become stronger; Whereas the originals ranged between levels 50 and 65, their stronger versions range between levels 60 and 75.

Getting the VS Seeker – Talk to the girl by the counter in Vermillion City’s pokémon center to recieve the VS Seeker. This will allow you to rematch any trainer you have already beaten, and can be used once every 100 steps.


Enable trading between Ruby and Sapphire versions, and Colosseum – To enable trading between Ruby, Sapphire, and Colosseum, you must obtain the Ruby and Sapphire from their respective locations within the Sevii Islands, (The Ruby is found on your first trip, where the Sapphire can only be gotten after the Elite Four.) and then hand them to Celio to upgrade the computer at the Net Center.

Items obtained from Oak’s assistant – Throughout the course of the game, you can gain items from Professor Oak’s assistants situated throughout Kanto if you have a certain number of complete entries in your Pokédex.

National Pokédex – To get the National Pokédex, you must have caught 60 different pokémon and beaten the Elite Four and your rival. Professor Oak will upgrade your Pokédex to the National Dex when you talk to him in his lab. (If you’ve already caught 60 when you beat the Elite Four, this will happen automatically) The National Pokédex can store records for all 380 pokémon.

Unlockable: Details:
HM05 – Flash Talk to the assistant in the building on Route 2 (to the east of Viridian Forest) when you have caught 10 pokémon
Itemfinder Talk to the assistant in the bulding between routes 11 and 12 when you have caught 30 pokémon
Exp. Share Talk to the assistant in the building between Fuschia City and Route 15 after you have caught 50 pokémon

Most Popular Games Back In The Day

A lot of things changed in the last 5-6 years, and I know a lot of our users and readers are young and they probably won’t even remember these games, so we wanted to share the most popular games on our website in 2009. Maybe some of you will try them, and laugh at that lousy graphics. Anyway – Enjoy our list.

Most Popular Game Pages

Pokemon Emerald Version

Developer: Game Freak

Description: Just like Yellow version was to Red and Blue, and Crystal version to Gold and Silver, Pokémon: Emerald Version is the special edition of Ruby and Sapphire. Since the release of Ruby and Sapphire, many changes were made to this game, both cosmetically and feature-wise. The Pokénav’s Trainer’s Eyes feature, for example, has been enhanced into a more Pokégear-ish Match Call feature, and players are charged with having to defeat both Team Magma and Aqua. In addition to all this, a gigantic area known as the Battle Frontier has been added for those who can knock off the Elite Four.

System Requirements: Wireless adapter (not incl.) for Union Room activities, Link cable for basic trading/battling multiplayer.

Pokemon Emerald Version Tips: On extremely rare occasions, a pokémon may end up catching an illness called the Pokérus. Most of the time, the only real way to find out if one of your pokémon have caught it is to visit a pokémon center, where the attendant will tell you about the infected pokémon. Don’t be alarmed, though, as the Pokérus is not nearly a bad thing. In fact, under this condition, a pokémon’s stats will rise higher than normal when it levels up. In addition, the condition can be spread to other pokémon in your party or PC boxes so that they can reap the benefits of it, too.

The Pokérus is listed as a status ailment, with the label “PKRS.”

Pokemon Emerald Version Unlockables:

Two extra safari zone areas – In Emerald Version, you may have noticed a new path running eastward behind the Safari Zone building with two workers blocking the path off. Once you’ve become the pokémon league champion, you’ll be able to enter these two new areas and catch Gold/Silver/Crystal-generation pokémon.

National Pokédex – After you defeat the Elite Four and become the League Champion, Prof. Birch will automatically upgrade your pokédex to the National Pokédex. This extended version will allow you to collect data on all 386 pokémon.


Developer: Jagex

Description: Runescape is a Massive Multiplayer Online roleplaying game with monsters to kill, quests to complete and maps to explore. The main aim of the game is for the player to get rich, get the player’s skills high and trade for the best items to show off to everyone.

System Requirements: PC with internet Connection, and java capabilities.

Runescape Cheats:

Easy Money – To get Easy money basically spend all your time woodcutting or mining, and once you have 1000 of something – sell it. When you get higher levels (say 75 woodcut for magic logs) then you can cut 1000 magic logs and get yourself a whopping 1 million gold (they sell 1k each). Keep collecting ores and wood and you’ll be the richest person on RuneScape.

Rune Essence – Rune essence is fantastic for making good money for beginners. Here are the instructions on what to do.
Complete rune mysteries quest in either free server or member server.
After that you have the ability to go to the rune essence mine so get a pickaxe.
Go to rune essence mine, the Varrock Rune Shop has a bank nearby.
Mine essence till full.
Go to portal.
Go to bank deposit essence.

Clash Royale

Developer: Supercell

Description: Clash Royale is mobile game, developed recently and it’s basically Clash of Clans with cards. It’s a multiplayer game, where you battle against your opponents with cards. There are few different types of cards: spells, buildings, troops and towers. You need to destroy more towers then your opponent in order to win, or you need too kill your enemy’s king.

System Requirements: Mobile Phone (Android or Iphone) or Tablet (Android or Apple)

Clash Royale Cheats:

There are a lot of different cheats and hacks for Clash Royale, and of course there is, it’s one of the most popular games right now. Some of the most popular cheats are free gems hack and free gold hack, and if you want to, you can visit this website and learn more about Clash Royale Free Gems and how to get them. You can also learn about some other popular cheats and hacks for this game on clashroyalefreegems.net and I think maybe even download a hack tool which will help you with that.